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^^ your specialist for CBD products in Los Cristianos, Tenerife.


Our new retail shop in Los Cristianos is open since April 20 1018 at 4:20 pm ;-) You will find us in the middle of Los Cristianos near the harbour - best klick on the address to find the exact location at google maps!

Dr.Greens CANNAherbolario
Avenida de Suecia 25, Local 16
38650 Los Cristianos
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Opening times

MON, TUE:10 AM - 2 PM + 5 PM - 9 PM
WED:11 AM - 2 PM + 5 PM - 9 PM
THU, FRI:10 AM - 2 PM + 5 PM - 9 PM


In our shop you can find a wide range of hemp products. We offer a lots of high quality CBD Products like oils, salves and extracts - but also healthy Hemp Food like pasta, chocolates and tea as like as seeds, peeled seeds and seed oils for cooking with hemp at home. And not to forget - all that great creams, salves and Hemp Cosmetics and beauty products - with or without CBD. Some Vaporizers we also have - but only the best ones available - like with everything in our shop! Last but not least: We offer some selected CBD Cannabis Seeds if you plan to grow your own CBD plants at home!

CBD Products

We only offer the best available CBD products we can find on the market - they are all certified and tested from independent 3rd parties to guarantee the quality. But please note: We are no doctors or pharmacists - we not can or want to give you any medical advice in our shop. If you plan to add CBD to your nutrition or if you want to use it medicinally - please talk with your doctor before!

CBD Cosmetics (0,5 - 3% CBD)

In our shop you can find a great CBD balm with 1% or 3% of CBD - also we offer CBD-lipbalm, CBD bodybutter and different CBD cremes.

CBD Oils (4% - 24% CBD)

We not only offer totally organic and natural CBDA/CBD-oils in concentrations of 4%, 6% and 8% - but also we have pure CBD oils in different strengthes like the 5% Curcumin Oil or the much stronger 10%, 15% or 24% CBD in hempseed- or olive-oil - as like as the watersoluble Aqua drops with 5% or 10% CBD.

CBD e-liquids (5% - 46% CBD)

We have a small but fine range of high concentrated CBD e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. We offer different flavors with 5% CBD, some with 10% CBD - and even a 46% CBD e-liquid we have in our shop. Also you will find some tiny button-less batteries as like as prefilled 10% CBD Cartridges in different flavors for it!

CBD Pastes and Extracts (20% - 99,6% CBD)

We offer strong golden amber CBD pastes with concentrations of 20%, 30%, 40% and even 50% of CBD! If you need higher concentrations - check out our PHEC55 extracts with 33% or 56% of CBD! And if you need it even stronger we offer 80% CBD crumble and pure CBD crystals with 99% of CBD or 96% of CBG - perfect to make your own cosmetics or oils.

Cannabis Seeds

CBD seeds (Cannabis varieties with a high CBD content)

We offer a small but nice selection of cannabis seeds. Basically you will find strains with high contents of CBD - best ask for a list of all available varieties in our shop!

Hemp Food

We not only offer pure hemp seeds, peeled hemp seeds, hemp flour and hempseed oil - but with this products you already can add hemp to nearly every dish in your kitchen! If you not want to prepare everything by self - we also offer tasty stuff like a vegan hemp-pasta and hemp-pesto - a mix for delicious and vegan hemp-burgers and a lots of snacks and sweets made with hemp-seeds like chocolates and hemp-nibbles in different flavours! Not to forget all the delicious hemp-teas we have - made from pure, seedless buds - and/or mixed with a lots of other herbs or fruits!

Hemp Cosmetics

We have a big, big assortment of hemp-cosmetics - some of them even with CBD - but the hemp-seed-oil alone is also very effective! There are lipbalms and hemp-soaps, shampoos, body-balms, massage-oils, baby-oil, warming and cooling creams, bath-salt with hemp and a lots of other products! Just drop in and have a look by self!


Because we got asked often for a good Vaporizer from our customers with medical needs we decided to stock up with some. For sure we only want to offer the best available device at the market - the one with the best service, handling and everything - the Mighty and the Crafty from Storz & Bickel in Germany!


Dr.Greens CANNAherbolario
Avenida de Suecia 25, Local 16
38650 Los Cristianos
S.C. de Tenerife
NIF: B-76754951


E-Mail: info_at_cbdfarmers.es