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Can CBD calm dogs?

Can CBD calm dogs?

I came across an interesting question about this on the internet. In a group of dogs the following example was given. A five month old dog, who weighs about 25 kg and receives 25 drops of a 2.8% CBD oil per day for “calming”. Despite the low concentration, the dose is set somewhat high.

The dog gets the CBD oil because he always seems to be so excited for the owner. Of course, there are some initial reports that cannabidiol can have a calming and relaxing effect on some dogs. If you calculate the dose of CBD per kilogram of body weight, this dog will receive approximately 1 milligram of CBD per kilogram of body weight. Personally, I would certainly consider this a possible basis, but for this example I would like to share a few of my thoughts with you.

Puberty is just around the corner
Depending on the size of the dog, it enters puberty between the fifth month and one and a half years. We all know that this is not the easiest phase in life for humans or for our pets. Even our pets are flooded with hormones during this time and if you’ve just had that cute little puppy next to you, you’ll suddenly find yourself with a pubertal. It can happen that especially with dogs you get the impression that the dog has forgotten everything he has learned so far. The good news first of all is that this phase will pass and your dog will eventually become more relaxed all by itself.

CBD is not a reset button
Cannabidiol may have many great uses, but it is not a reset button. This means that especially our domestic dogs are often overstrained nowadays. One must always look at the needs of the dog individually. There are, for example, dogs that are very eager to work and enjoy agility, companion dog work or dog dancing with their masters and mistresses. However, in my opinion most dogs are rather overstrained and are much too much “fun”.

Rest periods are the key to success
Rest periods are especially important for young dogs. How is your dog supposed to process the newly learnt and experienced correctly if he finds a 24/7 challenge? In my opinion, our dogs should be allowed to rest at home. Especially in households with children it is even more important to explain to them when they want to be left alone so that they can take their breaks into account.

Conclusion from the example
Of course I do not know 100% of the living conditions in my example. But my first approach would be to see if and how the dog can learn to rest better. With a young dog, my first approach would be to achieve initial success through good and appropriate behaviour training. CBD can be given in a supportive manner, but should never be seen as the only solution. You can listen to my detailed thoughts in this podcast episode young dog.

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