Canarias wants to regulate the use of cannabis and cannabinoids for medical purposes – against the will of the PSOE on the mainland

The plenary session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands today [29] unanimously approved a Non-Law Proposal (NLP) promoted by the Socialist Parliamentary Group and the other political groups that support the Canary Islands Government to regulate for the first time cannabis and cannabinoids for medical use.

The initiative, defended by the deputy spokesman of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, IƱaki Lavandera, requests that the Parliament of the Canary Islands urges the Government of Spain to carry out the appropriate legal modifications to regulate and facilitate access to therapeutic treatments with cannabis and its derivatives, under strict indications and medical supervision, for those pathologies in which it has been demonstrated to be effective or which the doctor considers to be so.

The proposal also includes a request for the establishment of a system for assessing the impact on public health, in particular on the quality of life of patients treated with these treatments.

Read the full article here.

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