Cannabis is finding more and more areas of application, including during the coronavirus pandemic. At the Klagenfurt Clinic in Austria, it is currently being used successfully with patients. It works in many ways. A study is also in the works that should provide more precise findings.

Cannabidiol, CBD for short, is a highly interesting substance, also in the field of application with Covid patients, according to Rudolf Likar, who is head of the department of intensive care medicine at Klagenfurt Hospital / Austria, where the cannabis product is used. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and a positive effect on the immune system: CBD was used with certain patients over a period of three weeks. Initially in the dosage of 200mg, which was then increased to 300mg: “We saw that the inflammation parameters in the blood decreased and people left the hospital faster compared to the comparison group. CBD supports the immune system.”

Data is currently being analysed
CBD has also been used in brain tumours, according to Likar. A pain-relieving effect was noticed. A study is also currently underway at the hospital: “We are now evaluating the data and the data looks relatively good. We will probably use it routinely because it has no side effects. We have been researching it for a long time. It’s an interesting substance and Israel is even about to approve CBD for Covid therapy. So we are not the only ones working with it.”

According to the intensive care physician, it would also be interesting to mix CBD with THC – but research in this field is only just beginning.

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