Epilepsy in dogs

First of all I would like to give you a rough understanding of the most common neurological disease of our domestic dogs.
At the end of this podcast episode, I present a study by an American veterinarian published in June 2019 to give you a deeper insight into the subject.

The study looked at whether cannabidiol (CBD) can reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs with epilepsy.
The answer or the result of her study?
Promising at first, but for my detailed answer you will have to listen to the new hemp and animal episode.

The 3 forms of epilepsy in dogs

Idiomatic epilepsy affects approximately 0.5% to 5.7% of dogs and is therefore one of the most common neurological disorders in these dogs.
In general, a distinction is made between three categories:

1. idiomatic (genetic)
2. structural
3. cryptogenic epilepsy

Frequently affected dog breeds

Idiopathic epilepsy is the most common form in dogs.
A genetic cause is suspected, but so far this has only been confirmed in one breed of dog.

Dog breeds that are frequently affected can be, for example, the following:

* the Golden Retriever
* the Labrador
* the German shepherd dog
* the dachshund
* the boxer
* the beagle
* and others

The 4 stages of epilepsy in dogs

In veterinary medicine epilepsy is divided into 4 stages.

* Prodromal stage = minutes, hours or days
* Aura = a few seconds long
* Intus = seconds to 5 minutes
* Postictal phase = time until the dog has fully recovered

Epilepsy is not curable

Epilepsy cannot be cured!
The aim of a therapy is always to achieve freedom from seizures.
Rather, it is also about avoiding the so-called status epilepticus. This is a life-threatening condition.

First study reduces the frequency of seizures with CBD?

In June 2019 the first study of an American veterinarian was published, which dealt with the question whether CBD oil can reduce the frequency of seizures.
Stephanie McGrath conducted it at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Colorado.

In my opinion, the result is quite interesting and relevant. Personally, I am pleased that McGrath is already presenting the study.
This time with a different CBD dose and more dogs.
These are exactly the kind of studies we urgently need in order to document the specific application possibilities as accurately as possible!

Nevertheless, there are of course already countless positive reports on CBD and our pets.

Epilepsy in dogs, as the most common neurological disease, is a serious matter. You can listen to all the important information on diagnosis, medication and the study in detail in my podcast episode on Spotify, Apple Podcast or YouTube.

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