What is Medical Cannabis?

Cannabis is also called medicinal cannabis if it is used to treat or relieve a complaint, symptom or disease rather than for pleasure. In this sense, any cannabis strain that contains an effective amount of active cannabionoids can be considered as medicinal cannabis if used for this purpose.

Moreover, the history of the use of medical cannabis has its origins in the early days of medicine and pharmacology. This is because it was then that people began to use plants for medicinal purposes instead of food for the first time.

The association MedCan Switzerland has provided us with their information flyer. You can view it in the following link, but also download it to forward it to friends and acquaintances.

LAB_flyer_ENG_2019_130419   English version

LAB_flyer_GER_2019_130419  German version

LAB_flyer_ITA_2019_150419    Italian version

LAB_flyer_SPA_2019_150419    Spanish version

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